2-Piece Steel Pegboard Kit for 4-foot Industrial Storage Racks

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  • DURABLE STEEL - Pegboards are constructed of durable steel that will easily outlast wood and composite boards
  • INDUSTRIAL POWDER-COATING - Industrial grade powder-coat won't chip or fade and matches the appearance and texture of the rack's existing laminate wood composite deck
  • SAFETY FEATURES - Locking pins on the mounting brackets keep them in place
  • CUSTOM MOUNTING- Included mounting brackets and extensions let you attach a panel to both sides of the rack, stack two on the back, or one side and one back -
  • 1-INCH SPACING - Features standard 1-inch on center spacing with 1/4-inch diameter holes to fit most standard pegboard accessories
  • PEGBOARD SIZE - Each steel pegboard panel measures 18-inches x 44-inches
  • STRESS-FREE ASSEMBLY - With no tools required to attach the panels, installation is easy regardless of chosen mounting configuration

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Expand the storage capacity of your existing DEWALT storage rack with the DXST4500PBK 2-Piece Pegboard Kit. Made to match the dimensions of the DXST4500 4-foot storage rack, it shares some of the same innovative features and adds a few of its own. Each 18-inch x 44-inch panel is made of durable steel which is then given an industrial grade black powder-coating that matches the appearance and texture of the existing laminate wood composite decking on the 4-foot storage rack. The pegboard kit contains two sets of mounting brackets to let you attach the panels to sides or back of the rack in one of several configurations. You can use them either with one panel mounted on each side, with both panels stacked vertically and attached to the back, or with one on a side and one on the back. To keep the panels in place once attached, they use the same locking pins as the racks to secure the mounts to the rack uprights and prevent them being knocked loose by accidental impacts. The panels feature standard 1-inch on center hole spacing with 1/4-inch diameter holes to fit most pegboard accessories. Thanks to their steel construction the panels let you use a variety of magnetic storage accessories as well, accessories that won't work with regular wood and resin composite pegboards.